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Create one of the following products

  • Google Slideshow presentation

  • Radio podcast (garageband)

  • Short Documentary  (Imovie)

  • Song (garageband)

  • Poem (google doc)

  • Write a Story (google doc)


Research a specific topic Artist/Musician, Producers, Sound Engineer, Lyricist, Photographer, Cinematographer, Genre or Instrument. For each topic, students must answer questions with a visual accompaniment (photos or drawings) should be used. Write a speech to go along with your presentation. You can also learn how to play a song from your chosen Genre, artist or Instrument.


Make sure you name your presentation and share with it with me


A) Artist/ Musician - Example Cardi B

  • What type of genre does this artist perform?

  • What are they most well known for?

  • When was the height of their career? Are they still current?

  • What were they doing before they became a musician?

  • Have they won any awards?

  • What are some of their life story?

  • What is your favourite song or video created by this artist?

B) Producer, Sound Engineer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Photographer, Cinematographer

  • Who are some important and inspiring people in your chosen field?  

  • Share some examples of some of their most famous work?

  • What are some of the different skills needed to work in your chosen field?

  • What are some of the history surrounding your chosen Person and Field?



  • Who are some important people in this genre?  

  • What makes this genre unique?

  • What are some popular songs in this genre

  • What era was this music most popular in?

  • What is special about the rhythm and or melody of this genre?

  • What are some of the history surrounding this genre?



  • What category of the instrument does this particular instrument fit into?

  • Can you name any famous musicians that play this instrument?

  • What makes this instrument unique?

  • What do you like about this instrument?

  • What are some of the different cultures this instrument is used in?

  • Name 3 songs that feature this instrument in them.

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