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I Grown A Garden 


Chords E - G - A - A


Ladies and gentleman

Are you ready to grow your mind,

and grow a garden with us?


Verse 1

Yo listen to me I got an idea

It's simple and good for the atmosphere

Find a patch of land that is looking kinda bare

And turn it upside down expose it to the air

Do it with your friends or do it by yourself

You know physical activity is good for your health

And if you like dancing or singing a song

Get your act together and sing along



I grow a garden, I'm cool

I do it at school, I'm sustainable

I grow a garden, I'm cool

And you can, you can do it too


Verse 2

I’m bright like a beacon

thanks to veggies that I’m eating

If its freshness that your seeking

Make a garden it the weekend  

Why drive your car to the grocery store

When you can kick back in your garden

and eat way more

Why spend all your money and wait in line  

When you can relax in your garden

and make up a rhyme

Chorus (different)

I grow a garden, I’m cool, I’m cool, I’m sustainable, I grow garden at school I'm totally really cool

you know we do it and you can do it and you can do it too

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