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Movement Game:

Warm-up, group moves with the beat bass (feet) & Snare (clap) 

If anyone stops, everyone must stop and hold the pose of the first person who stopped - unlock once everyone has stopped for a bar.

Someone starts, all must start. Anyone is free to start at any time.

Work towards everyone stopping & starting at the same time.

Introduce 8 counts 

Change the length of time group holds a pose. 

Dancers - Length of dance 8 bars

  • Come up with a set of new and old dance moves that will support communicating their story start testing ideas,

  • Practising move and coming up with Choreography - Adding 4 different moves together

  • What kinds of a move can we create that will communicate our ideas?

  • What would the reduce look like if it was a dance move?

Dance forms.jpg
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