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The Story Of Plastic

Write a story about the life cycle of plastic from the perspective of plastic.

Where did your life story begin?

What happened on your journey?

Where does your story end? 

Hi, I'm Sprite, I was invented in West Germany in 1959. You can call me lemonade. I am getting bought at the 4 Square in Masterton, New Zealand. I felt a fizz as my blue bottle cap got opened. I then feel a person's lips cup around the top of my bottle, I felt empty minutes after, I am then rolling down into a gutter and getting blown around as cars drive past!


When it got dark it got windy and I started flying really flying until I got stuck in another gutter. I was there for a few days before it rained then I was travelling in the stinky sewers of Masterton. After a couple days I was getting tipped into the Ocean. I could see fish of all sizes swimming past me then I saw a gigantic mouth coming for me I was on the tongue of a whale a real whale!


It was very odd being in a whale. I saw lots of my old friends in there they all said “hi” and then there was a rumble and boom I flew out of the whale and back in again but I wasn't exactly in I was stuck. I then felt the whale shake and groan then hit the sand. I was sad the whale had died. I was devastated it was me and my friends that killed the whale I heard a plastic bag say “We killed something were murderers!” I heard voices then there was light was i dead I felt hands grabbing me then I was in a smelly rubbish bin full of plastic and wrappers! My friends were getting piled on top of me until it was dark.


I was in the rubbish bin for a week at least then I was on a truck to the dump well that's where I thought I was going to end up. Instead I ended up having a hole in me with this chocolate coloured substance inside me and little green bits sticking out of me. I had a good life I got watered every day and it was great I had a great life outside of the gutter, the ocean, the whale and the rubbish bin.

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